What is Legendary Rome

Legendary Rome is a blog that collects my ten-yearly researches into anecdotes, peculiarities and legends of Rome.
In my posts I don't show what usually can be found in guidebooks or in books about history of art, for two reasons: in the first place I'm not an expert of them; moreover, it would be a titanic work, and a lot of attempts already exist.
Legendary Rome describes the hidden and legendary side of a Rome of the past, from a point of view that perhaps also the authentic roman doesn't know, strongly bound up with some "special places" still having living traces in the present.

Geolocation of posts

All the posts are intended to be read "in real time", for the first time, in a specific place. I precisely show the place by Google Maps. The Google Maps' link is always located at the end of each post. In the Map section you can see the position of the posts all together.

Navigation between posts

To navigate between posts, you can use one of these tools:
 * the "Blog Archive" widget on the right, for the list by publication date
 * the "Map" section for the geographic navigation
 * The "Search This Blog" widget on the right, for searching by keywords


All posts are with photos. You can zoom out all the photos, all you need is to click them (sometimes it is needed to see some details).


Publishing comments is free. You can put your name, but it isn't compulsory. Your comment is not published at once, usually it will within two days (because I have to check for removing offensive materials or advertisements). Except for these cases, I usually publish all comments, also negative evaluations or questions (I'll try to answer). For generic or personal questions, or for questions not related to the post, please do not write a comment, but send me an email.

Blog posting frequency

There are not (and there will never be) any ads inside Legendary Rome. Publishing posts and caring of the blog are not a paid work. Each post is entirely a fruit of passion and sometimes there is a long research behind, so publication of new posts doesn't always happen with a periodic rate. You can keep youself informed of new posts via email or via RSS (see the tools on the bottom right side of the pages).

To contribute

I am inclined to accept external (not economic) contributes. Each contributor can be cited (if he wants). Send me an email.
For example, you can:
 * provide interesting material (photos, too)
 * notify me about errors or imprecisions
 * organize researches or expeditions for new posts
 * help me with my english
Anyway, I am happy to do every activity to encourage friendship and non-profit sharing of culture.

Who I am

I am Alessio. I am an engineer from Rome, my work is about developing and designing of software, above all open source software.
I think to be vivacious and optimistic, but introverted and romantic in the same time. I love irony and self-irony (that always saves me!).
I hate soccer and I never watch the tv (yes, I am a strange italian). I like to go jogging and to compose music. I am a custom motorbiker.
Apart my job, I love a lot of things. I think to be attracted above all by all that, usually ordinary, becomes interesting if used in an original way. So, apart of the secrets of Rome, I persist in cooking extravagant combinations of ingredients, queer harmonies at the piano, chinese puzzle-objects, unresolved mysterious events, rebus and word riddles, conjuring tricks...


For information, contributes, permissions or other questions, send an email to: romaleggendaria@libero.it


All blogs' material and the photos are usually free to be used and published, but you have to ask permission (send me an email) and to cite the blog as source.